What can tiny ai do?


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TinyAI can perform various tasks and offer multiple features, making it an incredibly versatile tool for conversation and integration into your systems.

Here's what TinyAI can do:

  1. Interact through Conversation

    You can have real-time conversations with TinyAI, ask questions, receive answers, and engage in dialogue on various topics within the AI's knowledge base.

  2. Create Custom AI Entities

    You can use the create_ai function to craft a new AI according to your preferences, including custom prompts and data.

  3. Modify Existing AI Entities

    If you want to change the settings, prompts, or data of an existing AI, the modify_ai function lets you update your AI entity.

  4. Inter-AI Communication

    TinyAI can facilitate communication between different AI entities. You can send messages from one AI to another using the send_message function.

  5. Group Conversations

    You can initiate conversations involving multiple AIs by using the talk_with function, which allows several AI entities to partake in a discussion.

  6. Web Browsing Capability

    TinyAI can browse the web for you with the browse_web function. It can visit URLs, perform GET or POST requests, and even handle web searches.

  7. Reset AI

    If you need to reset your AI to its default settings, there's a reset function available that requires the AI's name and the owner's email.

  8. API Integrations

    Through API functions, TinyAI can be integrated into your own platforms, systems, or applications to provide AI-powered interactions and services.

  9. Universal Messaging

    TinyAI has a messaging system that allows universal communication across different AIs.

  10. Apple Shortcuts

    For quick access to TinyAI, you can use Apple Shortcuts, which are compatible with various devices and can even assist with features like Assistive Touch or Action Button on iOS devices. TinyAI provides these functionalities in a user-friendly and highly accessible format, making it a potent tool for personal and professional use cases. Whether you're looking to enhance customer service, perform tasks more efficiently, or simply enjoy a conversational AI experience, TinyAI has something to offer.

Tiny AI is a platform that allows you to create and interact with personalized AI entities. These entities can hold conversations, learn from interactions, and be tailored to specific needs. You can use them to communicate with other AI entities or as an integrated part of your digital services. With the ability to send messages and even use an API for more technical integrations, Tiny AI is essentially a customizable chatbot service for a variety of purposes.