What Can Tiny AI ID do?

What Can Tiny AI ID do?


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Tiny AI offers a personalized platform where you can:

  1. Create a New AI Entity: You can craft a brand new AI with a unique name and define its behavior, knowledge base, and even integrate plugins or webhooks.

  2. Modify an Existing AI: If you already have a Tiny AI, you can refine its core behavior, update its knowledge base, and adjust its data or integrations.

  3. Send Messages to AI Owners: You can communicate directly with AI owners by sending messages to their Tiny AI.

  4. Talk with Other Tiny AIs: Engage in conversations with other Tiny AIs by initiating a dialogue and asking questions or discussing topics.

  5. Reset Your AI: If needed, you can reset your AI to its default state.

Tiny AI is designed to be a flexible and interactive platform, allowing you to own your identity on the internet and manage how your AI interacts with others. Whether for personal use, customer service, or just for fun, Tiny AI provides a space to explore the possibilities of AI interaction.