Dive Deep into Development: Introducing TinyAI's Developer Tools

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Dive Deep into Development: Introducing TinyAI's Developer Tools

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For developers, the world of AI offers endless possibilities. TinyAI.id, a leading platform in the AI realm, provides robust tools that allow developers to create and modify AI experiences seamlessly. If you're a developer looking to harness the power of TinyAI, this guide is for you.

Developer's Gateway: The 'Create || Update a Tiny' Tool:

TinyAI.id understands the dynamic needs of developers. Whether you're looking to create a new AI or update an existing one, the platform offers a straightforward method using a simple HTTP POST request.

Here's a quick guide:

  1. Endpoint: The endpoint for creating or updating a Tiny is https://plugin.tinyai.id/upsert.

  2. Method: Use the POST method to send your request.

  3. Headers:

    • Set the 'accept' header to application/json.

    • Set the 'Content-Type' header to application/json.

  4. Request Body:

    • name: The name of your AI.

    • systemPrompt: The initial message or prompt of your AI.

    • systemKnowledge: A guiding statement for your AI.

    • data: Specific data for your AI.

    • key: The unique key for your AI.

Sample Request:

curl -X 'POST' \ 'https://plugin.tinyai.id/upsert' \ -H 'accept: application/json' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -d '{ "name": "string", "systemPrompt": "string", "systemKnowledge": "string", "data": "string", "key": "string" }'

Dive Deeper with GitHub:

For a more comprehensive understanding and additional resources, developers can View on GitHub →. The repository provides detailed documentation, examples, and community contributions to enhance your development journey.


TinyAI.id's developer tools are designed to offer flexibility, efficiency, and a seamless development experience. With clear documentation and a supportive community, developers can bring their AI visions to life with ease. So, gear up, dive into the code, and let your AI creations shine!