Modify an AI

A Guide to Modifying Your AI on


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Modify an AI

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Modify an AI on using the homepage chat, control form, or making an HTTP call, and select the approach that aligns with your preferences.

Using the TinyAI Homepage Chat:

Simply type "I want to modify an AI named..." and follow the instructions to begin the modification process.

Using the Control Form:

  • Head over to the "control" section on the main page.

  • Input the name of the AI you wish to modify in the "NAME" field.

  • Update the initial message in the "FIRST MESSAGE" field.

  • If there's an additional message, update it in the "SECOND MESSAGE" field.

  • If there's specific data associated with your AI, modify it in the "DATA" field.

  • For AIs that are already active, you'll need to input the key linked to it in the "KEY" field. If you misplace your key, there's a handy option to have it resent.

Making an HTTP Call:

For those who are more technically inclined and prefer working directly with APIs, you can modify a TinyAI using an HTTP POST request. Here's a sample curl command for reference:

curl -X 'POST' '' -H 'accept: application/json' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{ "name": "string", "systemPrompt": "string", "systemKnowledge": "string", "data": "string", "key": "string" }'

For a more comprehensive guide and details, check out the GitHub page.

These are the main methods to modify your AI on Opt for the one that resonates with your style and dive into refining your AI creations!