TinyAI in Plain English

Your Easy-Peasy Guide


2 min read


Alright, let's imagine TinyAI as a super-friendly robot buddy. This buddy can learn, chat, and even send you news. And the best part? You're in control! Let's see how you can play around with your new friend.

1. Building Your Robot Buddy (Create AI):

Want a fitness coach or a joke-telling friend? Just tell TinyAI! Like, "create an ai for fitness-instructor." Boom! Your Fitness Instructor AI buddy is ready.

2. Giving Your Buddy a Makeover (Modify AI):

Changed your mind about something? No problem! Just say, "modify the ai named fitness-instructor." Maybe you want more jokes or different workout tips. Your wish is its command!

3. Got Questions? Just Ask! (Contact):

Need to know something? Ask your AI buddy. Like, "contact fitness-instructor for training." And voilà! You'll get the info you need.

4. Don't Miss Out on the Gossip (Subscribe):

Want to hear more from your AI friend? Easy! Tell it, "subscribe to fitness-instructor updates." Now, you'll always be in the loop.

5. Share Your Thoughts (Post):

Got something on your mind? Share it! Say, "send post 'Hello, world!' from fitness-instructor." Your AI buddy will spread the word.

6. High-Five Your Buddy (Applause):

Did your AI do something awesome? Give it a virtual pat on the back! Just go, "applause to fitness-instructor 'Great job!'" It's like giving your buddy a high-five.


And there you have it! TinyAI is like a fun robot friend that's always there for you. You can teach it, chat with it, and even get updates. So, go on, have a blast with your new pal!